Saturday, May 6, 2017

Dervish Sanders (A Mentally Deranged Hate-Filled Criminal) Wants To Kill Me

Liberal blogger Dervish Sanders has submitted death threats to my blog. He wants me, Luke Spencer, dead. Why? I have no idea. I'm guessing it is because he is insane. He imagines that I am another blogger who trolled his blog. He says he deduced that I was a blogger who calls himself TOM and used to write a blog titled Stay A While. But he presents no proof whatsoever, only his own delusions.

Yes, I admitted that "TOM" is my ID (on this blog), but I was just kidding. I wrote that only to f*ck with him. Just like when I copied over commentaries from Stay A While and placed them on my blog at jermac1955. Again, to f*ck with Sanders.

He thinks he found many similarities between my writing and TOM's writing. This would be in addition to the 3 commentaries I copied over from my old blog, Stay A While (posts 11, 12 and 32). Placing them on my new blog Words and Music with minor revisions.

Hom0 Sanders thinks that if two people have very similar thoughts - and express those thoughts using very similar language - with many matching words and phrases (along with the same misspellings and homophone errors) - that's proof that they're the same person. Laughable!

Yes, TOM and I are both great writers, but that does not mean I am him! Ridiculous! TOM used to have a blog (prior to Stay A While) that was mentioned in Time Magazine (due to the large number of readers and commenters it attracted). Impressive. My writing is so great that people steal what I write and try to pass it off as their own (including hom0 Sanders).

But back to that gaywad Sander's death threats. Can you believe that he posted a picture of the gun he's going to kill me with on his blog? He did. I asked him if he planned to kill me with that gun and he said yes.

Information I immediately reported to the police. They (the police) told me they were compiling a file on the criminal Sanders. Information they would use when they eventually arrest and prosecute him. Something I hope happens soon. Then (finally) I can stop fearing for my life. When a nut job threatens to kill you, you should take it seriously.

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