Tuesday, May 16, 2017

OK, So Now I'm A Racist

OK, so it looks like I am now a racist. Previously I was not. Previously I said that anyone who questioned the authenticity of Barack Obama's birth certificate was/is a racist. But now I'm thinking that judgement was probably way too harsh. I mean, my good friend the Radical Redneck is someone who hates Obama. He often makes racist jokes about Michelle Obama, who he calls "Moochie Ubunga".

Here is one of his recent jokes... you tell me if you think it's funny or not.

Radical Redneck: I'ma joining up with the Franklin Mint and selling replicas of the plate in Moochie's Ubunga's massive lower lip. Gonna make me one of them fortunes! It'd have to be a serving plate - it's FAR TOO BIG to be at any placesetting! LMAO! (5/14/2017 at 7:17am).

So I said that you should tell me if you find this joke funny... but I'M GOING TO TELL YOU. It's freaking hilarious! The asshole Dervish Sanders disagrees. But everyone knows what kind of scumbag he is so I don't have to worry that anyone reading his obsessive lying garbage and not knowing he is full of shit.

This jagoff writes a delusional hate filled blog about Trump being the anti-Christ, as well as lies about Will, Demarks, me, and my best buddy Radical Redneck. Read Dervish's blog and it will soon become apparent to you that he possesses a deranged obsessive psychopathic character.

I mean, who is he to judge? He calls me a homophobe. Only because I have exposed his faggotry - by revealing that he and the blogger Rational Nation are gay lovers (the sick perverts!).

And he says Radical Redneck is a racist. Only because he tells hilarious jokes (such as the one I quote above). I say that if Radical Redneck is a racist, then I am a racist too. Better to be a racist than a hater like that hom0 Dervish Sanders!

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