Wednesday, May 24, 2017

I Do Not Bow To Mentally Retarded Bullies

Retards. I, Luke Spencer, can't stand them. I'm not referring to actual retards, BTW. I mean people who act like retards. People like the mentally retarded bully and criminal, Dervish Sanders. Dervish Sanders is an asshole who harasses my blog. Only because I used to comment on his blog using the name Steve.

A name under which I submitted comments like "I guess I have to learn how to suck dick as good as you do to get such greats to comment at my blog! Enjoy sucking his dick Nazi Boy!!!".

I was referring to his gay lover Rational Nation. But that's what fags do. Suck each others dicks (sick!). So why the hell did he act so outraged by the comment? It's all bullshit. For him to use me submitting comments as "Steve" to his blog as an excuse to bully and harass me. What a jerk!

BTW, I categorically deny I ever used the name "Steve". That's a delusion from the mentally ill mind of the hom0 Sanders. Even though the account numbers match. Proof positive that when I created the account the name "Steve" was attached to it. Later I changed the name associated with the account to "Luke".

Making me a completely DIFFERENT person! But the idiot Dervish Sanders can't understand this. Because he is extremely stupid. The moron thinks I'm 10 other guys! But if you change the name on your account you are NOT responsible for past comments made under another name, asshole!

Changing accounts (or changing the name on your account) gives a person a fresh start. Like when I abandoned my old blog Stay A While which I wrote using the name TOM. I decided TOM should get "brain cancer" and die. That way I could create a new ID and return to trolling my victims without them knowing who I was.

Which is what I did. Similar to being in the witness protection program. I left those identities behind (TOM and Steve) and became Luke. Luke isn't responsible for anything TOM or Steve wrote! But the asshole Dervish Sanders thinks I am responsible. FUCK HIM!!

Copyright 2017 by Luke Spencer. All rights reserved. Plagiarism is strictly prohibited. IRFT-13.


  1. Thanks for proving you wrote this blog. I always knew it, but this is irrefutable proof. HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA
    AGAIN your mental retardation proves you a liar HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA

  2. I just noticed this. Still playing your game of pretending this is a "fake blog" that I wrote, huh? Anyone reading the above can see it doesn't match my writing. It matches your writing. You're the one who says I'm a "homo" and that I have gay sex with RN (a blogger YOU hate. I am NOT banned from RNUSA, idiot). And why would I use that slur against myself? I don't hate gay people like you do. Also, YOU are the bully. Why the HELL would I call myself a bully, in agreement with your lying bullshit?!

  3. Although... you say "Thanks for proving you wrote this blog", but you don't say who "you" is. You accused me on WYD, so I assumed you meant me. But maybe you're accusing someone else? Depends on what your mentally deranged mind causes you to imagine at the moment. But you do seem to be fixated on me presently.

    As for your "irrefutable proof"?? What is it? I don't see any. I see your delusions. The ones you've been spewing for awhile now and proof YOU are the author of this blog!