Saturday, April 29, 2017

The Desperate Are The Deplorable

The mourning after the election the liberals shut down their blogs and comment sections. The Liberal blogger I troll (Dervish Sanders) posted he would quit blogging. It was the biggest example of political crybabies ever in American politics.

A few days later the liberal blogs were up and posting again, but they would not post any of the many troll comments I submitted. I guess because they could not handle my "I told you so!" baloney. I told them that if they posted mean things about Trump on their website that would somehow help elect Trump.

Dervish Sanders did not quit blogging (no surprise). Just another lie. Or maybe he just changed his mind. But I'll say he lied. To what end I do not know. But I know I was disappointed. Because he's so mean to Trump, the candidate I was rooting for. Not because I like Trump, but because I HATE Liberals like Dervish so much. They were so mean to Trump that I really wanted to shove a Trump presidency down their throats!

And now I can! It makes me so happy that, for the next 4 years, I can send many troll comments to all the Liberal bloggers laughing at them because Trump was elected. Me, I'll be OK. A few years ago I went to my local tribal chapter and got on the list as a member of the community. Because I am part Native American on my father's side. Ever since then I have received a 250k a year check from the casino revenues.

Which means a Trump presidency will likely work out quite well for me, in that president Trump will cut my taxes. Trump will be a good president for the rich (like me). The cries of Trump is Hitler, which started even before the Republican primaries started, became not only worse after the election, but a talking point for the party that lost the election (Democrats). Just another example of the hate coming out of the Clinton campaign. It's an insult of the highest magnitude to rich people like me to compare Trump to Hitler, but these liberals know no bounds.

Their hate is obvious. Dervish Sanders said he voted for Bernie in the primary, but then he stabbed Bernie in the back (after he had been nothing but a gentleman during the primaries) by voting for Hillary. Even though he (and many other former Bernie supporters) did what Bernie told them to do (vote for Hillary). They should have stood on principle and wrote in Bernie's name (thereby helping elect Trump if they lived in a swing state).

The nastiness of her supporters was spread all over the country, especially on the blogs. My personal example of being attacked was just another out of 100's of billions. They should be happy for folks like me who will likely pay much lower taxes. Instead they worry about the plans to end help for those who need help the most in our country.

Elections have consequences. Some people losing their health care insurance (if/when the ACA is repealed), more homelessness (what happened under Reagan), and other things that will cause pain and suffering for those with less money. So be it. The American people have spoken. Nobody likes a crybaby, especially mean spirited crybabies that refuse to accept the law of the land. The law we have lived by since 1789. I refer to the Constitution, which should never be changed.

In my opinion there should have been no amendments after the first 10 (the bill of rights). That would include the 13th amendment, which would be the one abolishing slavery. Slavery should have been outlawed in the body of the Constitution! But the "Founding Fathers" were all bigots, which is why I hate all politicans and never bother voting.

Anyway, the Liberals refusal to accept the election results are not only the trait of a crybaby, but them truly stating they would not abide by the Constitutional process. An anti-American stance if there ever was one. Trying to make things better, that is. These desperate democrats are the deplorable. Because they hate Trump for his bigotry and racism! Is Trump's bigotry and racism worse than that of our Founding Fathers? Does Trump want to bring back slavery? I doubt it. Even though Trump is an obvious liar and a bigot.

And, while it is a dangerous thing for a president to be a lying bigot, these crybaby Liberals are WORSE. Because there is NOTHING worse than a crybaby. The politics of hate started by the Republicans will only get worse bolstered by the hate-filled Democrats. Donald Trump is our president and the crybabies should accept this. I won't be joining the Democrat's garbage effort of hate. I will be enjoying my tax cuts. And also trolling many Democrat blogs with many "I told you so" comments. Ha ha ha ha ha!

(Note: This is a revised and improved version of a post from my primary blog, Words and Music.

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