Saturday, February 11, 2017

I'm Still Rooting For Trump

The American people spoke and said they wanted Trump. In my opinion the reason was because they simply could not stomach the hate-filled Hillary Clinton. Her campaign strategy was just "hate Trump". People that might have voted Democrat were turned off by this message, and so decided to vote for Trump instead.

So he's a misogynist who racists seem to like a lot. Possibly because the racists think Trump is their man. A conclusion they might have reached due to Trump's appointment of Steve Bannon of Breitbart as his righthand man. Breitbart being, by Bannon's own admission, a platform for the Alt-Right. "Alt-Right" being code for White Nationalist.

But Hillary was much worse... for some reason I refuse to go into details concerning. Because my case that "hate-filled Liberals" are responsible for Trump winning would fall apart if I did. But, none-the-less, I'm standing by my assertion. Liberal bloggers, by pointing out how bad a Trump presidency would be, helped elect Trump.

Absurd? I think you could say so. I mean, most people don't even read blogs. It's something a small minority of people participate in. And, of everyone who blogs, not everyone blogs about politics. So we're talking about a incredibly small number of people. Yet it is my contention that these bloggers swung the election from Hillary Clinton to Donald Trump.

Specifically I hold the bloggers Dervish Sanders, Shaw Kenawe, Les Carpenter (AKA Rational Nation USA) and Flying Junior (AKA Dog) responsible for getting Trump elected.

Because they dared to criticize Mr. Trump. The nerve! Instead of criticizing candidate Trump they should have been talking about how terrible Hillary Clinton is. I did this on my blogs. Both this one and my other blog Words And Music. I didn't help get Trump elected. I didn't vote.

I still rooted for Trump, however. Because I wanted to shove a Trump presidency down the throats of these hateful Liberals. Hateful for attacking Mr. Trump. Now that Trump is president? I admit he is pretty bad. But guess what? I always knew he would be a terrible president.

A terrible president whose policies will harm all Americans. Even the people who voted for him. Including principled non-voters such as myself. SMART people who realized that neither candidate should be president. But you know what? It's totally worth it. In fact, the more harm a Trump presidency does to our country, the better!

The important thing is that Liberals (who I hate) suffer. Everyone else will suffer as well, but that's also a probability that has me cheering! People (if the Republicans are eventually successful in repealing Obamacare) might die. I think this is awesome. I really hope this happens. The more people who die due to getting kicked off health care the better, IMO.

Steve Bannon apparently wants to bring down the whole system. In an (unconfirmed) quote, Bannon said he wants to "destroy the state... bring everything crashing down, and destroy all of today's establishment". I hope he succeeds. Not because I'm a fan of the Alt-Right, but because I hate Liberals so much.

If the country goes to hell Liberals will cry. And I will smile. Which is why I'm still rooting for Trump. Nobody will be happier than I if he manages to destroy the United States. Or do it great harm, at least.

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Saturday, February 4, 2017

Blog Name Change: jermac1953 Is Now "I'm Rooting For Trump"

I have decided to change name of this blog from "jermac1953" to "I'm Rooting For Trump. Why? Because I, Luke Spencer, am rooting for Trump. As I revealed during the primaries on my other blog Words And Music (jermac1955) on 9/15/2016. Something I did because Hillary Clinton and her Liberal supporters are horrible, horrible people.

And now that Trump is our president? I'm still rooting for him. I believe he will be an awesome president. Awesomely bad, that is. Which I fully support. In fact, the more bad of a job Trump does as president, the more I will cheer him on!

BTW, the blogs located at jermac1953 (this blog) plus the blogs at jermac1954 through jermac1957 are all my blogs (5 blogs total). Why do I need 5 blogs? Who knows? I like creating blogs for fun. And to spread the word about what shitty people Liberals are. More blogs, more Google hits. Or, that's my (possibly faulty) reasoning, in any case. Anyway, feel free to comment if you agree with me about Liberals. That they suck, that is. So bad. Thank goodness Hillary Clinton is not our president.

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