Saturday, May 27, 2017

On The Family Of Apes That Recently Vacated The White House

If you think referring to Black people as apes or gorillas is racist, I, Luke Spencer, might have agreed with you. Until recently, that is. My opinion on this matter changed after the troll Dervish Sanders attacked my friend Radical Redneck.

Radical Redneck is a frequent commenter on the blog Who's Your Daddy. This is a blog of voters who (like me) rooted for Trump. Anyway, the troll Sanders (a bully who attacks me and others on this blog) continually refers to my friend as "the Radical Racist". What a jerk, right?

And it's only because, whenever the topic of our former First Lady Michelle Obama comes up, he makes comments like this one.

Radical Redneck: Never mind the gender - what species is THAT?! (5/23/2017 at 5:36pm).

This comment was in response to the blog host putting up pictures of Trump's wife Melania and the former president's wife Michelle. Then pointing out that only Mrs. Trump qualifies as classy. As opposed to Moochie Ubunga (the hilarious name Radical Redneck came up with for Michelle Obama), who is decidedly not classy.

And for this reason the tightass Sanders objects. Actually he ATTACKS my friend and slanders him as "racist". And, because I defended my friend, the asshole Sanders says I am a racist too! To which I say, WHAT A BUNCH OF BULLSHIT!

So what if Radical Redneck says Moochie Ubunga is an ape (with a flea infested tail) who doesn't walk on her hind legs? And so what if he questions what species she is? It's harmless hyperbole and not (NOT) racism, you asshole Sanders!


Anyway, the point is that Michelle Obama is Black and Melania Trump is White. And (what I think my friend is saying) is that White is classy (more highly evolved) and Black people are apes. Not that Democratic First Ladies (who aren't Black) can't be classy. They just haven't been. Democrat president's wives are almost always uggos, as another commenter pointed out.

But again, that isn't racist! Radical Redneck just calls it like he sees it. That doesn't make him a "racist", it makes him a straight shooter. Or a hilarious joke teller. Whatever lame excuse you want to use to not call the Radical one a racist. And I think his straight shooting (or hilarious joke telling) is something he should be congratulated for, not attacked! But that is what bullies like the asshole Sanders do. Which is why Lisa (the host of Who's Your Daddy) banned him. About time, I say!

Just like that family of apes was recently banned from the White House (after infesting it for 8 years). The people spoke and elected Mr. Trump in a free and fair election. The apes were kicked out. Then the place was most likely fumigated so the Trump administration could move in. Without having to worry about fleas or diseases.

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