Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Why I'm Rooting For Trump #4

Another video that illustrates why I'm rooting for Trump!

According to news reports "during the White House's annual Easter Egg Roll on Monday, President Donald Trump crossed his hand over his heart as the national anthem played – but not without an apparent reminder from the first lady. Video from the event captured Melania Trump gently reminding her husband to lift his hand to his chest by doing so herself and then, with her free hand, nudging the president to do the same".

I say Trump didn't put his hand over his heart during the Easter egg roll because he's a fake Christian, just like that buttfucker Dervish Sanders! For those of you who don't know, hom0 Sanders is a troll who has attacked my blog and sent me death threats. Yet he declares himself a Christian? Laughable!

As for Trump, he lied to his easily duped supporters about being a strong Christian. Because worshipping an imaginary sky god is a requirement when running for president. Nonsense that I'm far to smart to believe in. But you've got to love it that Trump got away with pretending to be Christian!

Or more Christian that he actually is. I'm not saying he's an atheist, only that he obviously doesn't read the bible nightly. Or at all. And not just because Donald Trump likely only reads at a low grade level. He clearly isn't smart enough (like me) to be an atheist. Still, he won the election fair and square, something that really PO's Liberals. The MAIN reason I'm rooting for him. Go Trump!

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Saturday, April 15, 2017

I Am An Awesomely Fantastic, Incredibly, Colossally Stupendous Writer. Big League

This, my 3rd jermac blog, gets significant traffic. The Blogger stats bear that out. But my primary jermac blog "jermac1955" (AKA Words And Music) gets mind-blowing traffic. People read, but decide not to comment. But they do read and ENJOY my high caliber intelligent writing.

Writing that goes over the heads of dumb people like Dervish Sanders. This moron attacks me out of pure jealousy. This also explains why he steals my posts and claims authorship. He recognizes genius and wishes he possessed it. His IQ is obviously quite low.

Shaw Kenawe is another idiot who reads my posts and wishes she were as good a writer as I am. According to TOM this bitch didn't even graduate High School!

Rational Nation is another of the envious plagiarizers. He is also Dervish's homosexual lover. Both of them hate Jews and love to talk about how much they hate Jews. As pillow talk - in between buttfucking sessions (see my previous commentary, "Homos!", for more info on these two sick faggots).

FJ, or "Dog" also steals what I write and presents it on his blog as his own creation. Shaw posted material authored by me on her blog and, when I asked her to remove it, she refused. By the way, don't go looking on Dervish's, Shaw's, RN's or FJ's blogs for my posts because you won't find them. But it isn't because I'm full of shit (and nobody ever stole my posts), it's because YOU aren't paying attention!

And, don't dare ask me for a link, because I don't do other people's homework. Do your own homework or take my word for it. I am an honest blogger. These plagiarists are dishonest. Proven by their actions of stealing the writings of another and claiming they wrote it. Such dishonest scumbaggery! Only another scumbag would believe them over me. Are you such a scumbag? If so please do not read my blog. I don't want you here.

Anyway, back to me being a great writer. Years ago I had a blog that received hundreds of comments each post, got awards, and was even mentioned by Time magazine and other respectable references. True. Just don't ask me the name of that blog. That's all in the past and not something I like to think about.

That was before I wrote under the moniker "TOM" and had a blog called "Stay A While". That blog ended when my co-author got sick and eventually passed away. I won't go into details except to say that he had brain cancer. He also didn't exist. In that I was the only author and that "TOM" died of brain cancer was a story I made up. "Delusional Fiction" was what I termed it.

But my great writing convinced everyone that TOM was real, had brain cancer, and passed away. I'm not revealing anything that people don't already know, btw. Dervish Sanders figured out that Luke (me) and TOM (also me) are the same person. Astonishing, given the fact that he is a retard.

Unlike me. A genius and a great writer. Which explains why all these Liberals hate me and steal my posts. Liberals, in addition to being hom0sexual (in larger percentages than in the population at large) are also mind-numbingly stupid (in significantly larger percentages than in the population at large).

I'm smarter than average. Much smarter. My IQ, in fact, places me in the 1% of the world's most intelligent people. Not to brag. I'm just stating the truth. Something these idiot Liberals wouldn't know if it bit them in the ass!

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Saturday, April 8, 2017

Why I'm Rooting For Trump #3

A video that illustrates one of the many reasons I'm rooting for Trump!

Hilarious! And, you're like me, another reason the Trump presidency has you smiling. The first one being (of course) the fact that Liberals hate Trump. When the Man (and not the nasty Bitch) won (fair and square) I RELISHED shoving a Trump presidency down the throats of Liberals (who I detest). Go Trump!

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Saturday, March 18, 2017

Why I'm Rooting For Trump #2

Apparently Roseanne Barr's ex husband (the 2nd one) has a tape in which Donald Trump says "nigger". A word niggers find offensive for some reason. In fact, I suspect you're offended right now because I typed the word out, instead of using the euphemism "n-word". But I'm a straight shooter, not a politically correct pansy.

Anyway, in case you were wondering, I think Tom Arnold should release these tapes. If they exist. And I think they probably do. And I also think they do show Trump calling black people "niggers", women "cunts" and his son a retard. I also do not doubt that, as Arnold says, Trump would still have won if the tapes had been released.

Obviously Hillary, being history's biggest political LOSER, wouldn't have won regardless of the dirt the hateful liberals tried to slander him with! Not because Trump was a terrific candidate, but because Hillary was a horrible one. Trump just happened to be slightly less horrible.

Bottom line is, we need to all get behind Trump and root for him. So he's probably a racist and a misogynist? IMO that's a good thing. Something I'd like to shove down the throats of these whining Liberals who can't accept Trump as our president. The tapes of him using racial epithets and anti-woman slur words.

Liberals would sure to be enraged, and their rage (over these tapes, should they come out) would amount to nothing! Trump would continue to be our president. He'd fake-apologize and his wife would refer to the tapes as more "boy talk". And everyone but Liberals would accept it and move on.

So, go ahead Tom Arnold, release those tapes already!! Anything that makes these scumbag Liberals' blood boil brings about many LOLs from me. And obviously LOLs are a good thing. Especially when it comes at the expense of a Libtard!

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Saturday, March 11, 2017

Why I'm Rooting For Trump #1

Here is a great video that illustrates one of the many reasons why I'm rooting for Trump!

Hilarious! Imagine, Trump said he could grab women by the pussy... and he STILL got elected! I LOVE it! Frankly, I was hoping Trump would grab Hillary Clinton by the hoo-ha during one of the debates. Alas, he did not. I'm guessing because HRC rated a 2 (at best). And that was 40 years ago. Now she's a wrinkled old hag. But he could have done it as a joke (and to put her in her place). And I'm pretty sure he still would have won if he had.

Anyway, I agree 100% with the following comment (re the YouTube above) from the user who posted it.

Trump was caught on a hot mic 11 years ago talking with Billy Bush. Here is the uncensored sound from that video (there is swearing etc and dirty talk) along with some added visuals. Still a better choice than Hillary Clinton.

DJT is, according to our last president, "uniquely unqualified". Absolutely. But still better than HRC would have been. Again... absolutely.

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Saturday, March 4, 2017


As everyone knows, being gay goes against nature. Also, as everyone knows, many Liberals are homos. Take, for example, the bloggers Dervish Sanders and Rational Nation. These 2 fags like to buttfuck daily. Heck, they probably do it in the butt dozens of times a day. What surprises me is that these two have not declared their love for one another and tied the knot already.

I mean, under Obama hom0 marriage became legal. So these two fags could be enjoying marital bliss right now! Perverting natural marriage being a dream the hom0s have had for some time. Me, I think think these butt-fuckers should get "married" ASAP. That way whichever one dies from AIDS first can leave the other one everything in their will. Me, I'm rooting for both of them to die (from AIDS) as soon as possible. Death by murder/suicide would also be cool.

The sooner these assholes die the better. BTW, only because I point out being gay is an aberration and something to be deeply ashamed of, hom0 Sanders says I hate gay people. This is a lie. I do not hate fags at all. I only joke about it because it bothers these hom0s so much. Obviously because it's true!

They're the ones who are ashamed of being gay. As they should be. Point is, me making fun of butt-fuckers for being gay and in the closet does not mean I hate gay people. Not at all. Only that I hate these specific fags. Not that I care for any hom0sexual, given that most of them are Liberals.

Liberals are some of the worst people on the face of the earth. Terrible assholes who attack with hate anyone who is not like them. Gay or accepting of hom0sexuality. Which makes me want to barf. I'm talking about how much I have to suppress my gag reflex when I think about Dervish and RN having hom0 sex (sucking each other's dicks, doing it in the butthole, etc).

Which is several times a day (that I think about Dervish and RN doing it). Probably not as often as these butt-fuckers get "intimate", but still far too frequently. Thoughts that make me feel queasy. Imagining these unnatural disgusting acts (gross!). Certainly it's caused me to have to spend a lot more on Pepto. I should send them the bill!

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Saturday, February 11, 2017

I'm Still Rooting For Trump

The American people spoke and said they wanted Trump. In my opinion the reason was because they simply could not stomach the hate-filled Hillary Clinton. Her campaign strategy was just "hate Trump". People that might have voted Democrat were turned off by this message, and so decided to vote for Trump instead.

So he's a misogynist who racists seem to like a lot. Possibly because the racists think Trump is their man. A conclusion they might have reached due to Trump's appointment of Steve Bannon of Breitbart as his righthand man. Breitbart being, by Bannon's own admission, a platform for the Alt-Right. "Alt-Right" being code for White Nationalist.

But Hillary was much worse... for some reason I refuse to go into details concerning. Because my case that "hate-filled Liberals" are responsible for Trump winning would fall apart if I did. But, none-the-less, I'm standing by my assertion. Liberal bloggers, by pointing out how bad a Trump presidency would be, helped elect Trump.

Absurd? I think you could say so. I mean, most people don't even read blogs. It's something a small minority of people participate in. And, of everyone who blogs, not everyone blogs about politics. So we're talking about a incredibly small number of people. Yet it is my contention that these bloggers swung the election from Hillary Clinton to Donald Trump.

Specifically I hold the bloggers Dervish Sanders, Shaw Kenawe, Les Carpenter (AKA Rational Nation USA) and Flying Junior (AKA Dog) responsible for getting Trump elected.

Because they dared to criticize Mr. Trump. The nerve! Instead of criticizing candidate Trump they should have been talking about how terrible Hillary Clinton is. I did this on my blogs. Both this one and my other blog Words And Music. I didn't help get Trump elected. I didn't vote.

I still rooted for Trump, however. Because I wanted to shove a Trump presidency down the throats of these hateful Liberals. Hateful for attacking Mr. Trump. Now that Trump is president? I admit he is pretty bad. But guess what? I always knew he would be a terrible president.

A terrible president whose policies will harm all Americans. Even the people who voted for him. Including principled non-voters such as myself. SMART people who realized that neither candidate should be president. But you know what? It's totally worth it. In fact, the more harm a Trump presidency does to our country, the better!

The important thing is that Liberals (who I hate) suffer. Everyone else will suffer as well, but that's also a probability that has me cheering! People (if the Republicans are eventually successful in repealing Obamacare) might die. I think this is awesome. I really hope this happens. The more people who die due to getting kicked off health care the better, IMO.

Steve Bannon apparently wants to bring down the whole system. In an (unconfirmed) quote, Bannon said he wants to "destroy the state... bring everything crashing down, and destroy all of today's establishment". I hope he succeeds. Not because I'm a fan of the Alt-Right, but because I hate Liberals so much.

If the country goes to hell Liberals will cry. And I will smile. Which is why I'm still rooting for Trump. Nobody will be happier than I if he manages to destroy the United States. Or do it great harm, at least.

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