Monday, January 15, 2018

I Am Absolutely Positively 100 Percent Not Gay!

Hi, my name is Luke Spencer and I am a proud gay man. There, I said it. At last I have emerged from the closet. Just kidding. Like the title of this post says, I am 100 percent straight. Or at least 51 percent. Much to the dismay of the troll Dervish Sanders. That fag is 200 percent gay.

I know this because of the fact that he really wants to have gay sex with me. In the butt, I imagine. Now, I've heard that having your prostate stimulated via butt sex feels really good, but I am not going to try it to find out. At least not a second time. Once was enough to know that I am absolutely not gay, but 100 (or so) percent straight.

Or so I keep telling myself. "Luke, listen to me. You are NOT gay" I repeat to myself over and over. I only watch gay porn out of curiosity and not because it helps me get off. I mean, when I masturbate while watching gay porn, I get super hard right away. As soon as I see the 2 male participants get naked and start orally pleasuring each other. It sickens me so much that I frequently feel the need to barf. As soon as I climax and shoot my load.

This is the kind of sick shit I bet Hom0 Sanders LOVES. A lot more than I do, in any case. The pervert. Anyway, like I said, I am NOT a homosexual! The fact is, I hate gay people. Gaywads like Dervish Sanders. I bet he's having gay butt sex with his gay Jew-hating lover Rational Nation right now! They are in my imagination, in any case. And, NO, thinking about Dervish and RN doing it does not make me (that) horny!

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Saturday, December 9, 2017

Liberal Hater Al Franken Tells The Senate "I Quit". "Also, I Hate Donald Trump"

The hate filled Liberal Senator and sexual molester from Minnesota Al Franken said today that he will quit Congress in a few weeks, and RIGHTFULLY so. Get his ass out of there, I say. One less sick perverted Liberal hater is a good thing in my book.

Franken's decision comes after multiple women came forward to accuse him of sexual misconduct and after over a dozen of his Democratic colleagues (mostly women) called for him to quit. No doubt this is a political decision so the Democrats can claim the moral high ground on the sexual molestation issue, the assholes!

Fortunately, it will not give Democrats the political morality edge they need because the voters don't give a crap, as the election in Alabama will likely prove. I speak of the fact that Alabamians are about to send Roy Moore to the Senate. Roy Moore is a Christian candidate who a number of women have lied about (according to him).

Me, I also don't care. I hope that Roy Moore IS sent to the Senate. In any case it should be noted that the Governor of Minnesota will appoint the new Senator from Minnesota until the next election, and currently Governor Dayton of Minnesota is a Democrat, so we can expect to see a Democrat appointed temporary Senator for Minnesota (damn!).

Although it is not a given that an election in Minnesota will vote for a Democratic Senator. Franken won his election by less than 400 votes and the election went to the Minnesota Supreme Court. He was re-elected a second time comfortably, but MN could swing back red.

I sure hope so. We need more Republicans in Congress to support President Trump's awesome agenda of screwing Liberals, disassembling the welfare state, doing everything in their power to make sure more worthless poor people die, cutting the taxes on rich folks, inflaming the Middle East, possibly touching off a nuclear war with North Korea, and other things that will Make America Great Again.

McConnell (the Republican leader of the Senate) who was saying just two weeks ago that Moore should not be in the Senate if the allegations against him were true and he said he believed the women who were making those allegations, now says he supports Moore and all Republicans should vote for Moore. The president of the United States (a Republican) has endorsed Moore and the RNC has restored funding for his campaign.

If I lived in Minnesota I would absolutely NOT vote for the Democratic candidate, whoever he or she may turn out to be. But I'd also not vote for the Republican candidate. Because I don't vote. I do have a lot to say about politics, however. Namely how much I hate Liberals and their hate. They hate Trump and think that's enough for them to win elections on. The loss of the loser Hillary Clinton proved that strategy to be a loser, yet they persist in it.

Anyway, let's hope Franken's resignation is not the last word on sexual misconduct by federal politicians. His conduct was not as bad as Moore's conduct, or Trump's conduct, not to mention the many elected officials who have current allegations of sexual misconduct against them, but he was a Liberal, so I cheer his departure. So far, Democrats have had two of their leaders resign over this issue because of pressure from their own party (hurray!).

Republicans are forging ahead with their accused sexual perverts, so there is a clear choice for women to make, and ONLY women. Men realize "boys will be boys" and that "sexual harrassment" or "sexual misconduct" is a bunch of hooey and that women should stop their whining.

(Note: This is a revised and improved version of a post from my primary blog, Words and Music).

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Monday, December 4, 2017

Donald Trump Is An Awesome President!

Hi, Luke Spencer here. As you may have noted, I haven't posted to this blog, or ANY of my blogs, for several months. Well, I'm back. Or, I'm posting today, at least. Whether or not I post again remains to be seen. I'm not sure what I want to do. I only know I felt an itch to write something. Something about how much I hate Liberals and their ongoing attacks on our beloved president, Donald John Trump.

For the record, I'm now going by the name "Paul" over on my primary blog, Words and Music (jermac1955). I will continue to go by the name "Luke Spencer" on all my other blogs, however (jermac1953, jermac1954, jermac1956 and jermac1957).

Confusing? Perhaps, but I like to switch it up every so often with a name change. Like back when I was "Steve". That was the name I used when I trolled Dervish Sanders with many homophobic comments (LOL!). Good times. But Dervish Sanders (my trolling victim) caught on. Still I continued to deny that I had ever been Steve! Hilarious, right?

Anyway, on to that post I just referenced. Donald Trump has been on the job for a year now and, imo, is doing a fantastic job! Not because he's "making America great again". No, just the opposite. As president he clearly has no idea what he's doing. For example, the tax bill is not law yet, but I doubt Trump understands how that works. A reconciliation and final, single bill has to be arrived at before it goes to the president's desk for his signature.

But isn't it amazing how the Democrats could not motivate the public to force a couple of Republicans to vote no on this horrible tax bill? Yeah, that's right. The Republicans wrote it, but I'm blaming Democrats. Even though every single Congressional Democrat voted against it.

The country would be better off if Flynn had gotten off and the tax bill died. The vocal liberals were busy trying to convince the public how bad Trump is and spewing their hate about him, rather than telling them how to stop Trump's first attempt at serious legislation, which will be a disaster for years to come if it passes (the ACA repeal not being serious).

A HILARIOUS disaster, I should note. But the Democrat's priority is spewing hate about Trump hoping that will motivate the public and the Congress to impeach Trump. Good luck with that. I'm sure the Democrats can whip up enough hate against Trump to get the vast majority of the public to want to impeach Trump, but that won't get Republican votes in Congress to vote to impeach Trump and if the liberals think spewing hate against Trump will get them those votes, they haven't been paying attention to what's going on. They are so stupid.

It seems the Democrats view Muller as their best hope in getting rid of Trump. I really hope they are wrong. I will root for him to fail. Because, as the title of this blog says, I'm rooting for Trump. My faith is in the justice system instead of the liberals hate machine designed to move public opinion. Mueller might find that Trump colluded with Putin, but collusion isn't a crime. Which is what the investigation will conclude... and Trump will continue being president for the next 3 years (and likely 4 more after that).

Merry Christmas! Also, enjoy your tax cuts, I know I will!

(Note: This is a revised and improved version of a post from my primary blog, Words and Music titled "Liberal Hate Loses Again").

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Friday, June 2, 2017

I Love Our President, Donald J. Trump So Much!

Confession time again (these are really fun!). The person making this 2nd confession? That would be me, Luke Spencer (this is my blog, afterall). I truly and deeply love our fairly elected president, Donald Trump. Although NOT in a gay way, you sick Liberal perverts!

Could Trump go down as one of the worst presidents ever? I doubt it. Not compared to the presidents who accepted slavery. Many of the early presidents owned slaves! Most (if not all) of the presidents that followed were horribly racist (not the half white Muslim one, but all the others).

So Trump is a misogynist? So what? Again, many past presidents were misogynist. Bill Clinton had two women accuse him of sexual harrassment. One woman accused him of rape (Juanita Broaddrick). Both George W. Bush and Ronald Reagan each had one woman who accused them of rape (Margie Schoedinger and Selene Walters respectively). Point is, Trump grabbing women by the pussy is more like the norm than something out of the ordinary.

But Liberals REALLY hate Donald Trump. A Liberal comedian named Kathy Griffin wants him decapitated! Another sick asshole calling for the murder of president Trump would be the Liberal blogger Dervish Sanders.

And THAT, for the record, is why I love Trump so much. I really wanted to shove a Trump presidency down the throats of the hate filled Liberals. This is why I rooted for Trump to defeat the horrible Hillary Clinton. I wasn't "for" Trump. I mean, a Trump presidency will likely be bad for America. If he actually ever does anything, that is. So far he hasn't. He wants to massively cut programs that help the less fortunate. But so far he hasn't. Although I really hope he does.

I did jump for joy when Trump was declared the president, however. Because I knew Liberals would lose their minds. Which they have. A fact I'm really loving. And now that the hom0 Dervish has threatened the life of our awesome leader? I'm hoping the Secret Service pays him a visit soon. And that the visit ends with him being lead away in handcuffs.

This asshole has already threatened my life multiple times. And for absolutely no reason. He does have a beef with another blogger who went by the name "Steve", but that has absolutely nothing to do with me! I mean, I WAS that blogger (the one who called himself "Steve"), but I'm not "Steve" anymore, you moron Sanders!

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Monday, May 29, 2017

Luke Spencer Loves Porn And Jacking Off!!

Confession time. The person making the confession? That would be me, Luke Spencer. While my weiner is very small, I still love jacking it. When it wants to cooperate, that is. Instead of lying there limply. By the way, I like to jack it while watching porn. You might say I'm addicted.

I like the kind where the woman takes a big dump right on the guy's chest and then smears it around with her fat ass or her tits. Gross, right? Yeah, I am a very sick individual. WHY did I feel the need to share this private information? To prove that I'm not gay. Red blooded straight guys love porn, and I am a red blooded straight man.

Donald Trump (the candidate for president that I rooted for) apparently likes to watch women take a piss. Not on him, according to the Christopher Steele dossier, but on a bed in a Moscow hotel that Barack Obama and his wife slept on. The dossier says that the Trumpster paid a Russian prostitute to take a piss on the mattress while he watched.

Sounds like fun, huh? Except I'd like the woman to pee on me. Right in my face. It's called a "golden shower". Anyway... for the record, I hardly ever watch gay porn. And so what if my (again, incredibly small) weiner gets harder faster when I watch two men doing it in the butt? That most certainly does NOT mean I'm gay.

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Saturday, May 27, 2017

On The Family Of Apes That Recently Vacated The White House

If you think referring to Black people as apes or gorillas is racist, I, Luke Spencer, might have agreed with you. Until recently, that is. My opinion on this matter changed after the troll Dervish Sanders attacked my friend Radical Redneck.

Radical Redneck is a frequent commenter on the blog Who's Your Daddy. This is a blog of voters who (like me) rooted for Trump. Anyway, the troll Sanders (a bully who attacks me and others on this blog) continually refers to my friend as "the Radical Racist". What a jerk, right?

And it's only because, whenever the topic of our former First Lady Michelle Obama comes up, he makes comments like this one.

Radical Redneck: Never mind the gender - what species is THAT?! (5/23/2017 at 5:36pm).

This comment was in response to the blog host putting up pictures of Trump's wife Melania and the former president's wife Michelle. Then pointing out that only Mrs. Trump qualifies as classy. As opposed to Moochie Ubunga (the hilarious name Radical Redneck came up with for Michelle Obama), who is decidedly not classy.

And for this reason the tightass Sanders objects. Actually he ATTACKS my friend and slanders him as "racist". And, because I defended my friend, the asshole Sanders says I am a racist too! To which I say, WHAT A BUNCH OF BULLSHIT!

So what if Radical Redneck says Moochie Ubunga is an ape (with a flea infested tail) who doesn't walk on her hind legs? And so what if he questions what species she is? It's harmless hyperbole and not (NOT) racism, you asshole Sanders!


Anyway, the point is that Michelle Obama is Black and Melania Trump is White. And (what I think my friend is saying) is that White is classy (more highly evolved) and Black people are apes. Not that Democratic First Ladies (who aren't Black) can't be classy. They just haven't been. Democrat president's wives are almost always uggos, as another commenter pointed out.

But again, that isn't racist! Radical Redneck just calls it like he sees it. That doesn't make him a "racist", it makes him a straight shooter. Or a hilarious joke teller. Whatever lame excuse you want to use to not call the Radical one a racist. And I think his straight shooting (or hilarious joke telling) is something he should be congratulated for, not attacked! But that is what bullies like the asshole Sanders do. Which is why Lisa (the host of Who's Your Daddy) banned him. About time, I say!

Just like that family of apes was recently banned from the White House (after infesting it for 8 years). The people spoke and elected Mr. Trump in a free and fair election. The apes were kicked out. Then the place was most likely fumigated so the Trump administration could move in. Without having to worry about fleas or diseases.

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Wednesday, May 24, 2017

I Do Not Bow To Mentally Retarded Bullies

Retards. I, Luke Spencer, can't stand them. I'm not referring to actual retards, BTW. I mean people who act like retards. People like the mentally retarded bully and criminal, Dervish Sanders. Dervish Sanders is an asshole who harasses my blog. Only because I used to comment on his blog using the name Steve.

A name under which I submitted comments like "I guess I have to learn how to suck dick as good as you do to get such greats to comment at my blog! Enjoy sucking his dick Nazi Boy!!!".

I was referring to his gay lover Rational Nation. But that's what fags do. Suck each others dicks (sick!). So why the hell did he act so outraged by the comment? It's all bullshit. For him to use me submitting comments as "Steve" to his blog as an excuse to bully and harass me. What a jerk!

BTW, I categorically deny I ever used the name "Steve". That's a delusion from the mentally ill mind of the hom0 Sanders. Even though the account numbers match. Proof positive that when I created the account the name "Steve" was attached to it. Later I changed the name associated with the account to "Luke".

Making me a completely DIFFERENT person! But the idiot Dervish Sanders can't understand this. Because he is extremely stupid. The moron thinks I'm 10 other guys! But if you change the name on your account you are NOT responsible for past comments made under another name, asshole!

Changing accounts (or changing the name on your account) gives a person a fresh start. Like when I abandoned my old blog Stay A While which I wrote using the name TOM. I decided TOM should get "brain cancer" and die. That way I could create a new ID and return to trolling my victims without them knowing who I was.

Which is what I did. Similar to being in the witness protection program. I left those identities behind (TOM and Steve) and became Luke. Luke isn't responsible for anything TOM or Steve wrote! But the asshole Dervish Sanders thinks I am responsible. FUCK HIM!!

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