Friday, June 2, 2017

I Love Our President, Donald J. Trump So Much!

Confession time again (these are really fun!). The person making this 2nd confession? That would be me, Luke Spencer (this is my blog, afterall). I truly and deeply love our fairly elected president, Donald Trump. Although NOT in a gay way, you sick Liberal perverts!

Could Trump go down as one of the worst presidents ever? I doubt it. Not compared to the presidents who accepted slavery. Many of the early presidents owned slaves! Most (if not all) of the presidents that followed were horribly racist (not the half white Muslim one, but all the others).

So Trump is a misogynist? So what? Again, many past presidents were misogynist. Bill Clinton had two women accuse him of sexual harrassment. One woman accused him of rape (Juanita Broaddrick). Both George W. Bush and Ronald Reagan each had one woman who accused them of rape (Margie Schoedinger and Selene Walters respectively). Point is, Trump grabbing women by the pussy is more like the norm than something out of the ordinary.

But Liberals REALLY hate Donald Trump. A Liberal comedian named Kathy Griffin wants him decapitated! Another sick asshole calling for the murder of president Trump would be the Liberal blogger Dervish Sanders.

And THAT, for the record, is why I love Trump so much. I really wanted to shove a Trump presidency down the throats of the hate filled Liberals. This is why I rooted for Trump to defeat the horrible Hillary Clinton. I wasn't "for" Trump. I mean, a Trump presidency will likely be bad for America. If he actually ever does anything, that is. So far he hasn't. He wants to massively cut programs that help the less fortunate. But so far he hasn't. Although I really hope he does.

I did jump for joy when Trump was declared the president, however. Because I knew Liberals would lose their minds. Which they have. A fact I'm really loving. And now that the hom0 Dervish has threatened the life of our awesome leader? I'm hoping the Secret Service pays him a visit soon. And that the visit ends with him being lead away in handcuffs.

This asshole has already threatened my life multiple times. And for absolutely no reason. He does have a beef with another blogger who went by the name "Steve", but that has absolutely nothing to do with me! I mean, I WAS that blogger (the one who called himself "Steve"), but I'm not "Steve" anymore, you moron Sanders!

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Monday, May 29, 2017

Luke Spencer Loves Porn And Jacking Off!!

Confession time. The person making the confession? That would be me, Luke Spencer. While my weiner is very small, I still love jacking it. When it wants to cooperate, that is. Instead of lying there limply. By the way, I like to jack it while watching porn. You might say I'm addicted.

I like the kind where the woman takes a big dump right on the guy's chest and then smears it around with her fat ass or her tits. Gross, right? Yeah, I am a very sick individual. WHY did I feel the need to share this private information? To prove that I'm not gay. Red blooded straight guys love porn, and I am a red blooded straight man.

Donald Trump (the candidate for president that I rooted for) apparently likes to watch women take a piss. Not on him, according to the Christopher Steele dossier, but on a bed in a Moscow hotel that Barack Obama and his wife slept on. The dossier says that the Trumpster paid a Russian prostitute to take a piss on the mattress while he watched.

Sounds like fun, huh? Except I'd like the woman to pee on me. Right in my face. It's called a "golden shower". Anyway... for the record, I hardly ever watch gay porn. And so what if my (again, incredibly small) weiner gets harder faster when I watch two men doing it in the butt? That most certainly does NOT mean I'm gay.

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Saturday, May 27, 2017

On The Family Of Apes That Recently Vacated The White House

If you think referring to Black people as apes or gorillas is racist, I, Luke Spencer, might have agreed with you. Until recently, that is. My opinion on this matter changed after the troll Dervish Sanders attacked my friend Radical Redneck.

Radical Redneck is a frequent commenter on the blog Who's Your Daddy. This is a blog of voters who (like me) rooted for Trump. Anyway, the troll Sanders (a bully who attacks me and others on this blog) continually refers to my friend as "the Radical Racist". What a jerk, right?

And it's only because, whenever the topic of our former First Lady Michelle Obama comes up, he makes comments like this one.

Radical Redneck: Never mind the gender - what species is THAT?! (5/23/2017 at 5:36pm).

This comment was in response to the blog host putting up pictures of Trump's wife Melania and the former president's wife Michelle. Then pointing out that only Mrs. Trump qualifies as classy. As opposed to Moochie Ubunga (the hilarious name Radical Redneck came up with for Michelle Obama), who is decidedly not classy.

And for this reason the tightass Sanders objects. Actually he ATTACKS my friend and slanders him as "racist". And, because I defended my friend, the asshole Sanders says I am a racist too! To which I say, WHAT A BUNCH OF BULLSHIT!

So what if Radical Redneck says Moochie Ubunga is an ape (with a flea infested tail) who doesn't walk on her hind legs? And so what if he questions what species she is? It's harmless hyperbole and not (NOT) racism, you asshole Sanders!


Anyway, the point is that Michelle Obama is Black and Melania Trump is White. And (what I think my friend is saying) is that White is classy (more highly evolved) and Black people are apes. Not that Democratic First Ladies (who aren't Black) can't be classy. They just haven't been. Democrat president's wives are almost always uggos, as another commenter pointed out.

But again, that isn't racist! Radical Redneck just calls it like he sees it. That doesn't make him a "racist", it makes him a straight shooter. Or a hilarious joke teller. Whatever lame excuse you want to use to not call the Radical one a racist. And I think his straight shooting (or hilarious joke telling) is something he should be congratulated for, not attacked! But that is what bullies like the asshole Sanders do. Which is why Lisa (the host of Who's Your Daddy) banned him. About time, I say!

Just like that family of apes was recently banned from the White House (after infesting it for 8 years). The people spoke and elected Mr. Trump in a free and fair election. The apes were kicked out. Then the place was most likely fumigated so the Trump administration could move in. Without having to worry about fleas or diseases.

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Wednesday, May 24, 2017

I Do Not Bow To Mentally Retarded Bullies

Retards. I, Luke Spencer, can't stand them. I'm not referring to actual retards, BTW. I mean people who act like retards. People like the mentally retarded bully and criminal, Dervish Sanders. Dervish Sanders is an asshole who harasses my blog. Only because I used to comment on his blog using the name Steve.

A name under which I submitted comments like "I guess I have to learn how to suck dick as good as you do to get such greats to comment at my blog! Enjoy sucking his dick Nazi Boy!!!".

I was referring to his gay lover Rational Nation. But that's what fags do. Suck each others dicks (sick!). So why the hell did he act so outraged by the comment? It's all bullshit. For him to use me submitting comments as "Steve" to his blog as an excuse to bully and harass me. What a jerk!

BTW, I categorically deny I ever used the name "Steve". That's a delusion from the mentally ill mind of the hom0 Sanders. Even though the account numbers match. Proof positive that when I created the account the name "Steve" was attached to it. Later I changed the name associated with the account to "Luke".

Making me a completely DIFFERENT person! But the idiot Dervish Sanders can't understand this. Because he is extremely stupid. The moron thinks I'm 10 other guys! But if you change the name on your account you are NOT responsible for past comments made under another name, asshole!

Changing accounts (or changing the name on your account) gives a person a fresh start. Like when I abandoned my old blog Stay A While which I wrote using the name TOM. I decided TOM should get "brain cancer" and die. That way I could create a new ID and return to trolling my victims without them knowing who I was.

Which is what I did. Similar to being in the witness protection program. I left those identities behind (TOM and Steve) and became Luke. Luke isn't responsible for anything TOM or Steve wrote! But the asshole Dervish Sanders thinks I am responsible. FUCK HIM!!

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Tuesday, May 16, 2017

OK, So Now I'm A Racist

OK, so it looks like I am now a racist. Previously I was not. Previously I said that anyone who questioned the authenticity of Barack Obama's birth certificate was/is a racist. But now I'm thinking that judgement was probably way too harsh. I mean, my good friend the Radical Redneck is someone who hates Obama. He often makes racist jokes about Michelle Obama, who he calls "Moochie Ubunga".

Here is one of his recent jokes... you tell me if you think it's funny or not.

Radical Redneck: I'ma joining up with the Franklin Mint and selling replicas of the plate in Moochie's Ubunga's massive lower lip. Gonna make me one of them fortunes! It'd have to be a serving plate - it's FAR TOO BIG to be at any placesetting! LMAO! (5/14/2017 at 7:17am).

So I said that you should tell me if you find this joke funny... but I'M GOING TO TELL YOU. It's freaking hilarious! The asshole Dervish Sanders disagrees. But everyone knows what kind of scumbag he is so I don't have to worry that anyone reading his obsessive lying garbage and not knowing he is full of shit.

This jagoff writes a delusional hate filled blog about Trump being the anti-Christ, as well as lies about Will, Demarks, me, and my best buddy Radical Redneck. Read Dervish's blog and it will soon become apparent to you that he possesses a deranged obsessive psychopathic character.

I mean, who is he to judge? He calls me a homophobe. Only because I have exposed his faggotry - by revealing that he and the blogger Rational Nation are gay lovers (the sick perverts!).

And he says Radical Redneck is a racist. Only because he tells hilarious jokes (such as the one I quote above). I say that if Radical Redneck is a racist, then I am a racist too. Better to be a racist than a hater like that hom0 Dervish Sanders!

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Saturday, May 6, 2017

Dervish Sanders (A Mentally Deranged Hate-Filled Criminal) Wants To Kill Me

Liberal blogger Dervish Sanders has submitted death threats to my blog. He wants me, Luke Spencer, dead. Why? I have no idea. I'm guessing it is because he is insane. He imagines that I am another blogger who trolled his blog. He says he deduced that I was a blogger who calls himself TOM and used to write a blog titled Stay A While. But he presents no proof whatsoever, only his own delusions.

Yes, I admitted that "TOM" is my ID (on this blog), but I was just kidding. I wrote that only to f*ck with him. Just like when I copied over commentaries from Stay A While and placed them on my blog at jermac1955. Again, to f*ck with Sanders.

He thinks he found many similarities between my writing and TOM's writing. This would be in addition to the 3 commentaries I copied over from my old blog, Stay A While (posts 11, 12 and 32). Placing them on my new blog Words and Music with minor revisions.

Hom0 Sanders thinks that if two people have very similar thoughts - and express those thoughts using very similar language - with many matching words and phrases (along with the same misspellings and homophone errors) - that's proof that they're the same person. Laughable!

Yes, TOM and I are both great writers, but that does not mean I am him! Ridiculous! TOM used to have a blog (prior to Stay A While) that was mentioned in Time Magazine (due to the large number of readers and commenters it attracted). Impressive. My writing is so great that people steal what I write and try to pass it off as their own (including hom0 Sanders).

But back to that gaywad Sander's death threats. Can you believe that he posted a picture of the gun he's going to kill me with on his blog? He did. I asked him if he planned to kill me with that gun and he said yes.

Information I immediately reported to the police. They (the police) told me they were compiling a file on the criminal Sanders. Information they would use when they eventually arrest and prosecute him. Something I hope happens soon. Then (finally) I can stop fearing for my life. When a nut job threatens to kill you, you should take it seriously.

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Saturday, April 29, 2017

The Desperate Are The Deplorable

The mourning after the election the liberals shut down their blogs and comment sections. The Liberal blogger I troll (Dervish Sanders) posted he would quit blogging. It was the biggest example of political crybabies ever in American politics.

A few days later the liberal blogs were up and posting again, but they would not post any of the many troll comments I submitted. I guess because they could not handle my "I told you so!" baloney. I told them that if they posted mean things about Trump on their website that would somehow help elect Trump.

Dervish Sanders did not quit blogging (no surprise). Just another lie. Or maybe he just changed his mind. But I'll say he lied. To what end I do not know. But I know I was disappointed. Because he's so mean to Trump, the candidate I was rooting for. Not because I like Trump, but because I HATE Liberals like Dervish so much. They were so mean to Trump that I really wanted to shove a Trump presidency down their throats!

And now I can! It makes me so happy that, for the next 4 years, I can send many troll comments to all the Liberal bloggers laughing at them because Trump was elected. Me, I'll be OK. A few years ago I went to my local tribal chapter and got on the list as a member of the community. Because I am part Native American on my father's side. Ever since then I have received a 250k a year check from the casino revenues.

Which means a Trump presidency will likely work out quite well for me, in that president Trump will cut my taxes. Trump will be a good president for the rich (like me). The cries of Trump is Hitler, which started even before the Republican primaries started, became not only worse after the election, but a talking point for the party that lost the election (Democrats). Just another example of the hate coming out of the Clinton campaign. It's an insult of the highest magnitude to rich people like me to compare Trump to Hitler, but these liberals know no bounds.

Their hate is obvious. Dervish Sanders said he voted for Bernie in the primary, but then he stabbed Bernie in the back (after he had been nothing but a gentleman during the primaries) by voting for Hillary. Even though he (and many other former Bernie supporters) did what Bernie told them to do (vote for Hillary). They should have stood on principle and wrote in Bernie's name (thereby helping elect Trump if they lived in a swing state).

The nastiness of her supporters was spread all over the country, especially on the blogs. My personal example of being attacked was just another out of 100's of billions. They should be happy for folks like me who will likely pay much lower taxes. Instead they worry about the plans to end help for those who need help the most in our country.

Elections have consequences. Some people losing their health care insurance (if/when the ACA is repealed), more homelessness (what happened under Reagan), and other things that will cause pain and suffering for those with less money. So be it. The American people have spoken. Nobody likes a crybaby, especially mean spirited crybabies that refuse to accept the law of the land. The law we have lived by since 1789. I refer to the Constitution, which should never be changed.

In my opinion there should have been no amendments after the first 10 (the bill of rights). That would include the 13th amendment, which would be the one abolishing slavery. Slavery should have been outlawed in the body of the Constitution! But the "Founding Fathers" were all bigots, which is why I hate all politicans and never bother voting.

Anyway, the Liberals refusal to accept the election results are not only the trait of a crybaby, but them truly stating they would not abide by the Constitutional process. An anti-American stance if there ever was one. Trying to make things better, that is. These desperate democrats are the deplorable. Because they hate Trump for his bigotry and racism! Is Trump's bigotry and racism worse than that of our Founding Fathers? Does Trump want to bring back slavery? I doubt it. Even though Trump is an obvious liar and a bigot.

And, while it is a dangerous thing for a president to be a lying bigot, these crybaby Liberals are WORSE. Because there is NOTHING worse than a crybaby. The politics of hate started by the Republicans will only get worse bolstered by the hate-filled Democrats. Donald Trump is our president and the crybabies should accept this. I won't be joining the Democrat's garbage effort of hate. I will be enjoying my tax cuts. And also trolling many Democrat blogs with many "I told you so" comments. Ha ha ha ha ha!

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