Saturday, April 15, 2017

I Am An Awesomely Fantastic, Incredibly, Colossally Stupendous Writer. Big League

This, my 3rd jermac blog, gets significant traffic. The Blogger stats bear that out. But my primary jermac blog "jermac1955" (AKA Words And Music) gets mind-blowing traffic. People read, but decide not to comment. But they do read and ENJOY my high caliber intelligent writing.

Writing that goes over the heads of dumb people like Dervish Sanders. This moron attacks me out of pure jealousy. This also explains why he steals my posts and claims authorship. He recognizes genius and wishes he possessed it. His IQ is obviously quite low.

Shaw Kenawe is another idiot who reads my posts and wishes she were as good a writer as I am. According to TOM this bitch didn't even graduate High School!

Rational Nation is another of the envious plagiarizers. He is also Dervish's homosexual lover. Both of them hate Jews and love to talk about how much they hate Jews. As pillow talk - in between buttfucking sessions (see my previous commentary, "Homos!", for more info on these two sick faggots).

FJ, or "Dog" also steals what I write and presents it on his blog as his own creation. Shaw posted material authored by me on her blog and, when I asked her to remove it, she refused. By the way, don't go looking on Dervish's, Shaw's, RN's or FJ's blogs for my posts because you won't find them. But it isn't because I'm full of shit (and nobody ever stole my posts), it's because YOU aren't paying attention!

And, don't dare ask me for a link, because I don't do other people's homework. Do your own homework or take my word for it. I am an honest blogger. These plagiarists are dishonest. Proven by their actions of stealing the writings of another and claiming they wrote it. Such dishonest scumbaggery! Only another scumbag would believe them over me. Are you such a scumbag? If so please do not read my blog. I don't want you here.

Anyway, back to me being a great writer. Years ago I had a blog that received hundreds of comments each post, got awards, and was even mentioned by Time magazine and other respectable references. True. Just don't ask me the name of that blog. That's all in the past and not something I like to think about.

That was before I wrote under the moniker "TOM" and had a blog called "Stay A While". That blog ended when my co-author got sick and eventually passed away. I won't go into details except to say that he had brain cancer. He also didn't exist. In that I was the only author and that "TOM" died of brain cancer was a story I made up. "Delusional Fiction" was what I termed it.

But my great writing convinced everyone that TOM was real, had brain cancer, and passed away. I'm not revealing anything that people don't already know, btw. Dervish Sanders figured out that Luke (me) and TOM (also me) are the same person. Astonishing, given the fact that he is a retard.

Unlike me. A genius and a great writer. Which explains why all these Liberals hate me and steal my posts. Liberals, in addition to being hom0sexual (in larger percentages than in the population at large) are also mind-numbingly stupid (in significantly larger percentages than in the population at large).

I'm smarter than average. Much smarter. My IQ, in fact, places me in the 1% of the world's most intelligent people. Not to brag. I'm just stating the truth. Something these idiot Liberals wouldn't know if it bit them in the ass!

Copyright 2017 by Luke Spencer. All rights reserved. Plagiarism is strictly prohibited. IRFT-8.

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