Friday, June 2, 2017

I Love Our President, Donald J. Trump So Much!

Confession time again (these are really fun!). The person making this 2nd confession? That would be me, Luke Spencer (this is my blog, afterall). I truly and deeply love our fairly elected president, Donald Trump. Although NOT in a gay way, you sick Liberal perverts!

Could Trump go down as one of the worst presidents ever? I doubt it. Not compared to the presidents who accepted slavery. Many of the early presidents owned slaves! Most (if not all) of the presidents that followed were horribly racist (not the half white Muslim one, but all the others).

So Trump is a misogynist? So what? Again, many past presidents were misogynist. Bill Clinton had two women accuse him of sexual harrassment. One woman accused him of rape (Juanita Broaddrick). Both George W. Bush and Ronald Reagan each had one woman who accused them of rape (Margie Schoedinger and Selene Walters respectively). Point is, Trump grabbing women by the pussy is more like the norm than something out of the ordinary.

But Liberals REALLY hate Donald Trump. A Liberal comedian named Kathy Griffin wants him decapitated! Another sick asshole calling for the murder of president Trump would be the Liberal blogger Dervish Sanders.

And THAT, for the record, is why I love Trump so much. I really wanted to shove a Trump presidency down the throats of the hate filled Liberals. This is why I rooted for Trump to defeat the horrible Hillary Clinton. I wasn't "for" Trump. I mean, a Trump presidency will likely be bad for America. If he actually ever does anything, that is. So far he hasn't. He wants to massively cut programs that help the less fortunate. But so far he hasn't. Although I really hope he does.

I did jump for joy when Trump was declared the president, however. Because I knew Liberals would lose their minds. Which they have. A fact I'm really loving. And now that the hom0 Dervish has threatened the life of our awesome leader? I'm hoping the Secret Service pays him a visit soon. And that the visit ends with him being lead away in handcuffs.

This asshole has already threatened my life multiple times. And for absolutely no reason. He does have a beef with another blogger who went by the name "Steve", but that has absolutely nothing to do with me! I mean, I WAS that blogger (the one who called himself "Steve"), but I'm not "Steve" anymore, you moron Sanders!

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