Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Why I'm Rooting For Trump #4

Another video that illustrates why I'm rooting for Trump!

According to news reports "during the White House's annual Easter Egg Roll on Monday, President Donald Trump crossed his hand over his heart as the national anthem played – but not without an apparent reminder from the first lady. Video from the event captured Melania Trump gently reminding her husband to lift his hand to his chest by doing so herself and then, with her free hand, nudging the president to do the same".

I say Trump didn't put his hand over his heart during the Easter egg roll because he's a fake Christian, just like that buttfucker Dervish Sanders! For those of you who don't know, hom0 Sanders is a troll who has attacked my blog and sent me death threats. Yet he declares himself a Christian? Laughable!

As for Trump, he lied to his easily duped supporters about being a strong Christian. Because worshipping an imaginary sky god is a requirement when running for president. Nonsense that I'm far to smart to believe in. But you've got to love it that Trump got away with pretending to be Christian!

Or more Christian that he actually is. I'm not saying he's an atheist, only that he obviously doesn't read the bible nightly. Or at all. And not just because Donald Trump likely only reads at a low grade level. He clearly isn't smart enough (like me) to be an atheist. Still, he won the election fair and square, something that really PO's Liberals. The MAIN reason I'm rooting for him. Go Trump!

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