Saturday, February 4, 2017

Blog Name Change: jermac1953 Is Now "I'm Rooting For Trump"

I have decided to change name of this blog from "jermac1953" to "I'm Rooting For Trump. Why? Because I, Luke Spencer, am rooting for Trump. As I revealed during the primaries on my other blog Words And Music (jermac1955) on 9/15/2016. Something I did because Hillary Clinton and her Liberal supporters are horrible, horrible people.

And now that Trump is our president? I'm still rooting for him. I believe he will be an awesome president. Awesomely bad, that is. Which I fully support. In fact, the more bad of a job Trump does as president, the more I will cheer him on!

BTW, the blogs located at jermac1953 (this blog) plus the blogs at jermac1954 through jermac1957 are all my blogs (5 blogs total). Why do I need 5 blogs? Who knows? I like creating blogs for fun. And to spread the word about what shitty people Liberals are. More blogs, more Google hits. Or, that's my (possibly faulty) reasoning, in any case. Anyway, feel free to comment if you agree with me about Liberals. That they suck, that is. So bad. Thank goodness Hillary Clinton is not our president.

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